Why Choose Us:

Caristock.com helps Jamaican people, specifically those who are interested in the Jamaican stock market. We provide you with the live trade updates, news related to the country, Jamaican and Caribbean business news, and stock market-Related reports based on the stocks. We also help you to keep up with the number of Jamaica Stock Market such as JMMB, NCB, Wigton, Barita, Sagicor, and Caribbean Cement Company.

Features and services of our Platform

Features and services of our Platform There are several features and services on caristock.com from you can use and get help and benefits which are but not limited to the following:

Personal Stock Portfolio:

You can create a personal stock portfolio of any stock of the Jamaican stock market, and the system will calculate the value of your portfolio in real-time. It also provides you with the calculated information about dividends. The dashboard of our website provides all the information related to the stock profile.

Alerts on Important Values

Caristock.com allows you to define alerts on the critical values for only the stocks of your interest. In return, you get regular emails when the selected values are changed or triggered during the trading process.

News Sources

Caristock.com tracks multiple news feeds for you, such as Jamaica Observer and Jamaica Gleaner ,. It saves you from the extra effort.

Live Market Feed

In this section, we provide you with the live feed of the stock market where you can see the actual real-time trading trends of the Jamaican stock exchange between 9:30-1:30.

Market Summary

We also provide a complete picture of the daily summary of the stock market.


Caristock.com provides several reports on the stock market, which are as follows:

Dividend Report

You can see the complete summary regarding the dividend information on the Jamaican stock exchange. Dividend Report section provides you with the following information

* Highest paying dividend stock

* A table with all the information of all the companies of the Jamaican stock exchange which pay the dividend.

* You can see a chart of dividend ratio, which shows the information about stock price to the dividend.

* Under Price Report: This report shows the information about stocks that are under price from their year high.

* Salary Information report: This report shows the salary-related information for the people of the Caribbean.