The Top 10 Stocks on Jamaica Stock Exchange are as follow

Scotia Group Jamaica Limited

Scotia Group Jamaica Limited (Scotia Group) has delivered more than 128 unbroken years of high quality financial services to Jamaica. Today we are supported by a network of 32 banking and investment branches and 1,876 employees. We provide a broad range of  financial services through our subsidiaries to a wide base of personal, commercial, corporate and government clients across Jamaica


The bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica limited.

Scotia Jamaica life insurance company limited

Scotia investment Jamaica limited

The scotia Jamaica building society.

Financial Report

Scotia group net profit attributable to common shareholders for 2017 was $12.4 billion, representing a return on equity of 12.6%. These results translate to earnings per share of $3.91, up from $3.63 last year. Dividends per share was $1.83, representing a 46.77% dividend payout ratio. Scotia group is one of the largest banking and financial services organizations in Jamaica, with assets of $491 billion and customer deposits of $261 billion as at October 31, 2017

Total revenue was $39.5 billion in 2017, compared to $37.3 billion for 2016.


1 Scotia bank Caribbean Holding Limited 2,233,403,384

2 Sagicor Pooled Equity Fund 58,992,292

3 National Insurance Fund 57,924,069

4 SJIML A/C 3119 55,725,439

5 Resource in Motion 29,600,000

6 NCB Insurance CO. LTD A/C WT109 26,291,176

7 Grace Kennedy Limited Pension Scheme 20,897,463

8 SDBG A/C 560-01-15,357,463

9 JCSD Trustee Services Limited- Sigma Optima 15,220,772

10 SDBG A/C 560-03 13,142,092


With over 75 years of experience, Seprod is still a company brimming with potential. We traversed our history wisely; gathering our experiences, amassing resources, educating our people, investing in our technologies and honing our strategies.

At J$12B in annual revenue, we are already the largest food company in the English speaking Caribbean, employing over 1000 with markets in 18 countries around the globe.

Our history speaks to an evolution of growth and a pioneering spirit. Our journey has its beginnings in the coconut industry and, along the way, has grown to span nine diverse food subsidiaries in Jamaica, Trinidad, Dominica Republic, Guyana, Barbados and Cayman Islands.

For almost a century, Seprod has been on a path to global recognition all the while remaining true to a vision to provide top quality, affordable food products to nations across the globe and we remain committed to this ideal.

It is this shared vision that brings the Seprod family together and which sets us apart.

Seprod top ten shareholders

1. Musson (Jamaica) Limited * 233,747,988

2. Coconut Industry Board 163,420,345

3. Grace Kennedy Limited Pension Scheme 21,955,904

4. National Insurance Fund 15,443,045

5. Scotia Jamaica Investment Management A/C 3119 7,724,433

6. NCB Insurance Company Limited – A/C 109 4,085,146

7. Guardian Life Limited 3,055,730

8. JCSD Trustee Services Limited - Sigma Optima 2,940,097

9. Guardian Life Limited – Pension Fund 2,332,085

10. NCB Insurance Company Limited A/C WT161 2,079,210


In 2017, the company reflected a $730 million or 5% increase in revenue to $16.5 billion at year-end. We had an operating profit of $1.3 billion and a net profit of $648 million for the year, an increase of 8% and 26%, respectively, over 2016 (factoring one-off gains experienced in 2016 from the sale of our equity securities portfolio in that year). The Group continued its aggressive factory investment; bringing the total capital expenditure over the last three (3) years to over $5.48 billion. Earnings per share were $1.42, down from $2.11 in prior year, a decrease of $0.69 or 33% (due to one off-gains made in 2016). Dividends per share were $0.95, down from $3.23 in prior year, a decrease of $2.28. Total assets grew by 16% to $20 billion and equity attributable to stockholders increased by $121 million to $9.9 billion.


  1. Serge Island Farms limited
  2. Serge Island Dairies Limited
  3. International biscuits limited 
  4. Industrial Sales limited
  5. Caribbean Products Limited
  6. Jamaica Grains and Cereal Limited
  7. Golden Grove Sugar Limited
  8. Musson international Dairies Limited.

Caribbean Cement Company Limited


Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL) has been in operation since 1952 and is the sole manufacturer of Portland and blended cement in Jamaica. Its main plant and operations are situated in Rockfort, Kingston with additional quarry operations in both St. Andrew and St. Thomas. CCCL produces high quality products using 100% indigenous raw materials, all mined within 10 miles of the plan


Jamaica Gypsum & Quarries Limited Jamaica Gypsum & Quarries Limited (JGQ) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caribbean Cement Company Limited and is located in St. Andrew, Jamaica. The company was acquired from the National Investment Bank of Jamaica in 1990. JGQ produces gypsum, anhydrite and two types of shale and pozzolan, which it supplies to Carib Cement for use in the manufacture of its cement. The company also exports its products to various markets including South America and the Caribbean. Caribbean Gypsum Company Limited.

Caribbean Gypsum Company Limited (CGC) a wholly owned subsidiary of Caribbean Cement Company Limited is located in the new Halberstadt Quarry in Bull Bay, St. Andrew. Mining commenced in August 2014 at CGC. Caribbean Gypsum Company’s major asset is its 167 acres of gypsum/anhydrite quarry lands, which considerably enhance the reserves of raw material available to the Carib Cement Group.

Rockfort Mineral Bath Complex Limited

Rockfort Mineral Bath Complex Limited (RMBC) is a certified property by the Jamaica Tourist Board and is currently leased from the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) by Caribbean Cement Company Limited (Carib Cement). Carib Cement has been operating the facility since 2009. It includes an historic military fort, which gave the area its name. Its strategic location is in close proximity to the major metropolitan centers of Kingston and St Andrew and is approximately 9.5 km from the Norman Manley International Airport, in addition to Port Royal and several hotels, thus making it easily accessible to both the local and tourist markets. It is ideally positioned on the perimeter of Kingston, St Andrew and Portmore where there is the highest concentration of people in Jamaica.



TCL Nevis Limited 558,688,942

Trinidad Cement Limited 71,876,497

Scancem International (St Lucia) Limited 42,187,482

Mayberry West Indies Bank Limited 25,246,157

Guardian Life Limited 6,674,357

Colin Steele 6,500,000

Michael J. G. Subratie 5,254,965

National Housing Trust 4,318,904

PAM – Pooled Equity Fund 3,955,537

PWL Bamboo Holdings Limited 3,490,690

TOTAL 728,193,531


In terms of the financial year, we achieved significant improvement during 2017, with revenues of $16.5 billion, a 5% increase compared to 2016. Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, amortization and restructuring costs (adjusted EBITDA) was $3.0 billion for 2017 and the adjusted EBITDA margin was 18% in 2017, vs 17% in 2016. This performance was achieved via lower operating expenses as restructuring and efficiency initiatives begin to bear fruit. Through more effective working capital management, we were able to achieve Net Cash generated by operating activities of $3.2 billion. This result is an improvement of 86% compared to 2016. Despite restructuring costs of $875 million, along with increases in energy and fuel-related expenses, CCCL’s Profit before tax was $1.56 billion, 15% higher than 2016 ($1.35 billion).


Sagicor Group Jamaica (SGJ, Sagicor or the Group) is a leading financial services group in Jamaica, commanding the largest market share in many of the lines of business in which it operates, it is also the third-largest conglomerate on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, measured in terms of profitability. The Group has a diversified business model with the main segments of Individual Insurance, Employee Benefits and Banking contributing about one third each to the Group’s bottom line.


The economic space in which the Group operates was favourable during the year. The growth trajectory of Sagicor Group Jamaica continued into 2017. In the end we produced what are our historically best results of $12.07 billion in consolidated net profit for the year, a 7.2% improvement over 2016’s $11.26 billion. Earnings per stock unit were $3.11 compared to $2.90 in 2016 and the return on average Stockholders’ Equity (ROE) was 19% compared to 22% in 2016. Total revenue of $70.44 billion was up on prior year by 18%. Stockholders’ Equity at the year-end stood at $68.50 billion, up from $56.41 billion as at December 2016, a 21.4% increase. Total assets of the Group grew by 3.3% to reach $352.04 billion (2016: $340.95 billion).


Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited

Sagicor Bank Jamaica Limited.

Employee Benefits Administrator Limited.

Sagicor Investment Jamaica Limited.

Sagicor Insurance Broker Limited.

Sagicor Life of the Cayman Islands Ltd.

Sagicor Costa Rica, SCR, S.A

Sagicor Insurance Managers.

Sagicor Pooled Investments Funds Limited.

Sagicor re-insurance limited.

Sagicor Property Services Limited.

Sagicor Insurance Managers Limited.

Sagicor Foundation Jamaica.

Sagicor International Administrator Limited

Sagicor Property Developers Limited

Sagicor Securities Limited.

Access financial

Access Financial Services Limited was established in 2000 and was listed on the Junior Market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange in 2009.  Access is one of the leading providers of personal and business loans to Jamaica’s Microfinance Sector. Access operates through an island-wide retail network of eighteen (18) branches. The Company’s Head Office is located at 41B Half-Way Tree Road, Kingston 5.


Within the context of an increasingly competitive environment marked by eroding margins, the Company’s financial results reflected relatively steady performance with net profits of $716 million. This represents a 1% increase over the 2017 financial year. During the period the main focus was on our core strategic pillars which saw the proactive adaptation to changing market forces to competitively position the company and to meet customer demands. Operating income grew by $302 million or 22%, to $1.7 billion for the financial year ended March 31, 2018. This growth resulted from a renewed thrust to increase sales and improve productivity. The growth was driven by increases in interest income of 16% or $200 million and growth of Net fees and commission to $314 million, which was up by 42% over the 2017 financial year. Operating expenses of $902 million increased by $250 million or 39% when compared to the prior financial period as a result of the cost associated with increasing our portfolio size through acquisitions.

Profitability ratios

Return on average equity   35%

Return on average total assets 21%

Per stock unit data

Dividend payout ratio 34%

Dividend yield 2%

Book value 8.39

Market price

High J$56.00

Low J$32.00

Year End J$50.52

Shareholdings Percentage

Proven Investment Limited 136,488,875- 49.72%

Springhill Holdings Limited 119,957,534 -43.70%

Generation 4 Investment Company Limited 6,823,500- 2.49%

Winston Hoo 4,200,695 -1.53%

Mark Golding 766,046 -0.28%

Cheston Jamaica Limited 563,041 -0.21%

Frank R. Jackson 600,000 -0.22%

Karl P. Wright 675,000 -0.25%

Neveast Supplies Limited 449,562- 0.16%

Neville James 353,410 -0.13%

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Grace Kennedy

GraceKennedy Limited is a publicly listed company on the Stock Exchanges of Jamaica and the Republic of Trinidad & Tobago. The Company was founded on 14 February 1922, and is the parent company of a Group of subsidiaries operating mainly in the food and financial services industries.


Revenue grew by 4.8% to total $92.48 billion for the year. Pre-tax profit showed a decline of 4.7% which was primarily due to hurricane-related claims on our Insurance segment, lower non-operating gains and reduced foreign exchange gains. The performance of the Insurance segment was off-set by the Banking & Investments and Food Trading segments. Net Profit for the Group increased by 5.2% due to the recognition of tax credits under Jamaica’s Urban Renewal (Tax Relief) Act related to the construction of the Group’s Corporate Headquarters in downtown Kingston. Non-controlling interest for the year increased by 23.7%, representing a change from $530.32 million in 2016 to $656.00 million in 2017, while profit attributable to shareholders increased from $4.00 billion to $4.12 billion, representing a 2.8% increase.

 Total assets grew by 2.8% or $3.51 billion, moving from $126.48 billion in 2016 to $129.99 billion in 2017. During the year, the Group’s liabilities remained relatively flat while the capital base grew by 8.0%. Capital comprised shareholders’ equity of $45.22 billion and non-controlling interest of $1.79 billion. Return on equity for 2017 was 9.4% compared to 10.0% for 2016, while earnings per share increased from $4.04 to $4.15


1 Sagicor Pooled Equity Fund 63,823,374 -6.42%

2 NCB Insurance Co. Ltd. A/C WT109 54,412,956 -5.47%

3 National Insurance Fund 46,090,036- 4.63%

4 GraceKennedy Limited Pension Scheme 44,922,201- 4.52%

5 ATL Group Pension Fund Trustees Nominee Ltd. 25,404,561- 2.55%

6 JCSD Trustee Services Ltd - Sigma Optima 22,006,156 -2.21%

7 Douglas Orane 20,500,791- 2.06%

8 SJIML A/C 3119 20,019,439- 2.01%

9 Michele Marie Kennedy 19,696,716 -1.98%

10 FredKenn Limited 16,827,381 -1.69%

Total percentage: 33.54%


Consumer Brands.

Grace Kennedy MPay.

HiLo Food Stores.

First Global Bank

Grace Kennedy Insurance.

Fx Trader

Bill Express.

Just to name a few.

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Jamaica Broilers Group Limited

Jamaica Broilers Group Limited, together with its subsidiaries, produces and distributes poultry products, animal feeds, and agricultural items in Jamaica, the United States, and other Caribbean regions. The company also engages in the poultry and pullet production; milling and sale of feed; processing and sale of salted/pickle products; supply of farming equipment and supplies; production of fertile eggs; sale of cattle rearing; hatching and distribution of baby chicks; production and sale of broilers, layer pullets, and table eggs; and production and distribution of agricultural and industrial supplies. 


The 2016-2017 operational year was another rewarding period for the Group. The fiscal year began just on the heels of Jamaica’s local government elections and with a new government elected, we anticipated new policies being implemented and waited expectantly to learn how these would affect our industry. Later in the year we would also see the United Kingdom and the United States making major governmental decisions. These changes in the international landscape created a tentative economic climate as folks were unsure how these indicators would impact economies. GROWTH Despite the uncertainties, we have experienced growth across all three (3) of our operations. In summary, our overall performance for the year is as follows:

 • Turnover Moved from $ 38.52 billion to $ 44.44 billion; an increase of 15.3%

• Gross profit Moved from $ 10.4 billion to $ 11.8 billion; an increase of 14.3%

 • Pre-tax profit Moved from $ 2.8 billion to $ 3 billion; an increase of 7.2%

• Net profit attributable to stockholders Moved from $ 1.7 billion to $ 2.2 billion; an increase of 28%


EAL/ERI Co-Generation Partners, LP

International Poultry Breeders (Jamaica) Limited (ARKANSAS).

Atlantic United Insurance Co. Ltd.

Haiti Broilers S.A

International Poultry Breeders Inc (GEORGIA).

International Poultry Breeders Hatcheries Inc (Iowa).

Wincorp International Inc.

SHAREHOLDER                                                  SHAREHOLDING

Jamaica Broilers Trust (JBT)                                    168,330,275

The Robert Levy Family Foundation                       100,412,389

SJIML A/C 3119                                                        67,920,672

National Insurance Fund                                            56,745,762

Halcyon Limited                                                        54,314,945

The Arrol Trust                                                          44,411,830

The Philip Levy Family Foundation                          34,964,975

Sagicor Pooled Equity Fund                                      32,986,394

NCB Insurance Co. Ltd. WT 109                              28,487,667

SJLIC For Scotia bridge Retirement Scheme            15,640,000

JMMB Group

The JMMB Group is one of the leading financial groups in the Caribbean, serving approximately 291,000 clients in Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago and the Dominican Republic. The JMMB Group provides a broad range of financial solutions including investments, banking, remittances and insurance brokering to individual, corporate and institutional clients.


NCB CAPITAL MARKETS (IN ESCROW)     428,777,325          26.296

TRUSTEES JMMB ESOP                                  149,776,832       9.186   

COLONIAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. (TRINIDAD) LTD   103,453,776       6.345

NATIONAL INSURANCE FUND         79,672,997           4.886                

CONCISE E.I. LTD                                59,965,366            3.678 

SJIML A/C 3119                                   153,583,000            3.286

JVF O.E. LTD                                       44,484,372              2.728

JVF E.I. LTD                                         40,311,674              2.472     

CONCISE O.N. LTD                             38,530,103               2.363         

GRACELYN O.E. LTD                         37,175,196               2.280         


The Group continued to post solid financial performance with all major financial performance indicators recording year over year growth including:

• Net profit which increased to J$3.60bn representing 8% year over year growth

 • Net Operating Revenue which increased to J$15.84bn representing 8% year over year growth

 • Earnings Per Stock Unit (EPS) which moved from 203 (cents) to 218 (cents) representing 7% growth

 • Dividends Per Stock Unit which moved from 45 (cents) to 47 (cents)

• Return on Average Equity (ROAE) stood at 12.92% at the end of the financial year, marginally less than the ROAE of 13.53% in the previous year. Notwithstanding this, there were notable real returns with the 12-month average point to point inflation rate of 2.9% for the three territories in which we operate. We therefore continued to deliver real returns to our shareholders during the financial year.


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