Supreme Ventures Limited (Year) Annual Report


This is a summary on supreme ventures 2019 Annual Report.


About the Company

Supreme Ventures is the leading gaming and entertainment group of companies in Jamaica and the region. They have been in operation for over 18 years introducing innovative betting and gaming solutions.


The Company Structure:

Supreme Ventures limited consist of the following subsidiary Prime Sports (Jamaica) Limited, Supreme Ventures Racing & Entertainment Limited, Big ‘A’ Track 2003 limited, PostToPost betting limited, Supreme Group Incorporated, Supreme Guyana Incorporated, Supreme Ventures Guyana Holdings Inc. Bingo Investments Limited and Supreme Ventures Enterprise Inc.


Annual Report Summary

For the year ending 2019, Supreme Ventures Limited earned total revenues of 73,092,357,000JMD compared to the previous year 2018 where they earned 62,960,996,000JMD. As a result, the company experienced 16.09% growth primarily due to growth in ticket sales. The company segments that reported the highest growth rate is the increase in Gross Ticket Sales of $10.1 billion, was driven mainly by Lottery ($5.7 billion, 12.6%) and an increase of $846.6 million or 13.8% in horse racing revenues. The Lottery segment, which is the core of the Group’s operation continues to perform well and they expect this trend to continue with SVL holding its market leader position. Similarly, they saw significant year over year growth in the Sports Betting operations, with revenues climbing by 10.7%. Sports Betting has proven to be the fastest-growing market segment in terms of revenue growth, and we expect that this trend will continue due to its target market appeal. They suffered a loss in there Cayman and Guyanese operations.


Operating expenses

Operating expenses were 4,055,409,000 JMD, which represents a 14% increase when compared to the prior year of 2018. This was driven mainly by increased expenditure on. Profit before tax for the year was 3,461,710,000 JMD  billion 18%  more than the same period last year. This record Profit After Tax resulted is  2,473,634,000 JMD. The EBITDA(Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization) of $4.0 billion, an increase of 27.0% over 2018, and for the first time EBITDA topped the $4.0 billion mark.

The company had other comprehensive income of 2.4 Billion JMD for the year which is attributable to an increase in ticket sales and strategy savings when compared to 2 billion for a similar period last year.Total assets increased from 6,615,444,000 JMD in 2018 to 9,421,680,000 in 2019, a growth  of almost 50%.



The share price continued to improve in 2019, showing 5 years of growth, closing out 2019 at

$25.50 per share, a 47.6% increase over the $17.28 price at the end of 2018. This resulted in a

52.03% Return to Shareholders. Since the end of 2015 when the share price closed at $4.64 per share, there has been a 450% increase on the price.

The following interim dividends were paid for 2019


  • $0.21 per stock unit paid on May 24, 2019
  • $0.22 per stock unit paid on September 6, 2019
  • $0.17 per stock unit paid on December 4, 2019
  • $0.20 per stock unit paid on April 3, 2020


Top 10 shareholders

Zodiac Caribbean Ventures Limited Brent Sankar



Mayberry Jamaican Equities Limited



Janette Stewart



Stephen Castagne



St. Elizabeth International Limited



Guardian Life Limited



Sagicor Pooled Equity Fund



PWL Bamboo Holdings Group Limited



Sunfisher Corporation






Jamstock Exchange

Supreme Venture

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