Hotels Near Bob Marley Museum

“Such a man cannot be erased from the mind. He is part of the collective consciousness of the nation.” - Edward Seaga, 1981

A statement which has proven itself endlessly. Chances are when visiting Jamaica, you’ll want to experience the place dedicated to the Father of Reggae - Robert ‘Bob’ Nesta Marley himself. The location at 56 Hope Road doubled as his home from its purchase in 1975 until his passing, as well as a place for the legendary Wailer and his band to record. Rita Marley, his widow transformed the venue into the site it is today six years following his death in May 1986. Since then, it has earned the title of being one of the most visited places in the island’s capital of Kingston, being declared an official protected national heritage site by the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT).

The property boasts the One Love Cafe where you can get a procure ‘ital’ (organically grown; usually cooked without salt) and Jamaican meals when you’ve finished your journey of enjoying the photo gallery, the gift shop for souvenirs and of course, a record shop. The walls are adorned with his many awards and some of his former garb. At the end of your hour long tour, you will be seated in an 80-seat theatre - the former recording studio. Here you will be granted the privilege to view a 20 minute production of interview compilations with Bob himself with no other providing a soothing soundtrack in the background, no doubt allowing you to fully feel his presence in the building.

Here’s a list of comfortable accommodations to choose from which are closely situated to the Bob Marley Museum.

  1. The Courtleigh Hotel & Suites (0.4 miles away)

Simple but not banal. Themed nights and tasty cuisine will make for a fulfilling stay.

Take your pick from one of the fine 300 rooms and suites on the property. The 24 Seven cafe       will cater to your otherwise untimely cravings in the event that you missed the offerings from the Blue Window. Its reputation rivaling its many stories, the hotel is the location for many   enthralling events, so chances are there will be no time to be bored. On Sundays, a weekly Jamaican           brunch is hosted at the Blue Window restaurant at a charge of J$3,000, not    inclusive of taxes and service charges.

The Spanish Court Hotel aims to grant their guests everything they could ever desire for a           comfortable trip away from home. The 24/7 concierge service ensures that your wish is their          command. It’s prime location is beneficial for reasons transcending a quick visit to Bob’s            former abode.
            The restaurant selections will ensure you get a glimpse at true Jamaican flavours alongside     traditional Continental offerings. Breakfast is complimentary and all restaurants close at     11pm with the exception of the Sky Terrace which calls it a night at midnight. Well-suited    amenities include state of the art spa and gym services as well as an exquisite Sky Terrace             fitted with a Sky Lounge for a peaceful     view of the gorgeous grounds, your very own nook             among the bustle of the city.

The first and only (at this time) Marriott hotel on the island awaits you with pristine                    hospitality as always. Seniors aged 62 and older are able to inquire about discounts (at least           15% off your chosen room). It is advised that you check their website before booking for      possible promotions which could save you enough money to extend your stay. Not only is it            in close proximity to the museum, but it is neighbours with The Emancipation Park.   Designed for peaceful evenings, the park is open for all to take a steady stroll, a quick-paced           jog or simply sitting on a bench and enjoying an ice-cream cone from the shop close-by.

With romance etched into every nook and cranny, Eden Gardens is the perfect choice for                         couples looking for a way to celebrate or rekindle their love. Nonetheless, your time at the     property will not be a script you expect. Puzzle It is an adventure gaming series which grants           you unconventional and enjoyable entertainment. You may also take advantage of The City          of Eden Tour which grants you access (at an additional cost) to visit and tour 2-5 places,             depending on the package chosen. Among the option exits none other than the Bob    Marley Museum.

The R Hotel prides themselves on being an environmentally friendly property, which      reshapes the box and steps outside of its borders. With valet parking (at an incurred cost), a       fine art gallery, laundry services and commonly overlooked details catering to the disabled             and those with limited mobility such as a roll-in shower and wheelchair accessible lobby,            you       will be left with little to be imagined in the very best way. You may also request a private             shuttle from the Norman Manley International Airport which is about 45 minutes from the      hotel. Stay fit     at the gym or go for a shallow dip in the rooftop pool. A 48-foot lap pool               dons the roof of the hotel, granting guests the best seat to view the spectacular city.

Comfort and style smack dab in one of Kingston’s prime locations.

Luxury is exuded from every corner of this expansive property. With two of the best       restaurants in the city, The Regency and The Terrace menu options will leave you wanting        more.

  • Eventuality B&B

This cozy bed and breakfast is pet friendly, complete with four rooms. They offer an airport         shuttle, general shuttle service, free WiFi, etc. The property also comes fitted with a sun     terrace as well as facilities for a tasty barbecue.

  1. Jasmine Inn

With prices as low as USD$75 for an economy room, this accommodation will grant you the       simple necessities. Catering primarily to overnight guests, the Jasmine Inn will ensure that         your nights are well spent with no worries, providing you with free toiletries and 24-hour        security.

Vacation rental Apartment options:

  1. The Bellagio Getaway(0.4 miles)

Located in close-proximity to one of Kingston’s prime urban hubs, The Bellagio will not             have you missing much from a hotel. A short walk away from a myriad of cuisines, supermarkets and entertainment, The Bellagio has you covered. On the property, you have     the option of renting a vehicle for your duration, for ease of travel.

  • Kingston Paradise Place Guestrooms (1.4mi)

A damage deposit of USD$50 is required upon arrival. The deposit will be returned upon                        successful inspection at check-out. A shuttle service is available for your convenience once        you enter the the island, and if desired upon leaving.

Tour information:

Photography is strictly prohibited for the tour’s duration, however feel free to take photos after its completion.

Duration: Approximately an hour

Entry fee (non-residents):

Adults: US$25

Children (aged 4-12): US$12

Entry fee (residents WITH proper ID): J$500

Contact: 876-927-5152

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