8 Attractions in Jamaica You Should Visit that are a very beautiful.

8 Attractions in Jamaica You Should Vist that are a very beautiful. Jamaica the land of wood and water, is known as the birth place of reggae music by the legendary Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) has a bundle of Attractions Island wide but mainly in the parishes of Westmoreland (Negril), St. James (Montego Bay), Trelawny ( Falmouth), St. Ann (Ocho Rios) and Port Antonio. The country’s treasures are Golden beaches; lush, green mountains; turquoise seas; coral reefs; rainforests; and rivers. Nature lovers will have plenty of things to do from going hiking to bird hunting and snorkeling and diving in some of the most beautiful oceans.  With over 170 attractions spread out over the island, there’s literally something for people of all ages to enjoy.

Westmoreland (Negril) is known as one of the tourist hubs in the island and is known for the beautiful 7 mile beach and houses many resorts and hotels for guests and locals. Montego Bay which is the other hub is known for being the second metropolitan city in the country and is known as the lively city with lots of restaurants to choose from. Falmouth is our second cruise stop and is known for white river rafting, Ocho Rios is our biggest tourist hubs and is known for the famous Dun river Falls, Mystic Mountain, white sand beaches and is our first cruise stop on the island. Port Antonio is beloved because of its scenery and its proximity to the blue Mountain. In Kingston, Jamaica's edgy capital, you can tour reggae legend Bob Marley's former home and explore the city's museums and historic sites.

The country is known for its wide variety of tropical fruit and our most known fruits here are mangoes, cherries, June plum, guava, Coconut (Jelly and water) and sugar cane which is used to produce our sugar in Jamaica. You can always sample the fruits upon visiting the tropical island and the Caribbean in general. Jamaica is one of the most visited Caribbean islands and was rated top 3 in the 2018 most visited Caribbean island.

Negril Seven Mile Beach

One of the main attractions in Negril, Jamaica is the beaches, specifically the famous Seven Mile Beach. Although this is a small town of about 3,000, it stretches across two parishes and there are a number of beautiful beaches for people to enjoy. This natural oasis is ideal for sunbathing, snorkeling, and even scuba diving, along with a number of other fun water sports. 

Montego Bay hip Strip

Packed with all the ingredients for a fun tropical vacation, Montego Bay famously called “mobay” is a thriving cruise ship port and a hot spot for value-seeking tourists. Activities in Montego Bay tick all the Bucket list boxes. Divers and snorkelers can explore the protected waters of the Montego Bay Marine Park as well as reefs fringing the blonde-sand beaches. Other popular things to do include fishing, golfing, guided river rides on bamboo rafts, and ziplining through the jungle and visitors can take a tour of the famous Rose Hall Great house which is a historic landmark.

Trelawny, Martha Brae Bamboo Rafting

Trelawny mostly known for its beautiful rivers and beaches and its historic landmarks has fun things to do like, shopping on the boardwalk at the dock, touring historic landmarks, going rafting in the Martha brae river and hiking.`

Ocho Rios, St. Ann Mystic Mountain and shipping deck

Ocho Rios, which is Spanish for “Eight Rivers” is located on the north coast of Jamaica, in the parish of Saint Ann. It is probably best known for use in the first James Bond film released in 1962. Ocho Rios has many activities like swim with the dolphins at Dolphins Cove, visit Duns Rivers and eat jerk chicken or pork at scotchies.

View from Trident hotel and Trident Castle in Port Antonio

If you prefer a relaxed, unplugged getaway, head to Portland on Jamaica’s northeast coast. Attractions are waterfalls and beaches, rafting in the Rio Grande river to swinging around the Frenchman’s cove.

Portland Jamaica

You will find gorgeous beaches, waterfalls. Markets and art galleries, eco-tourist destinations and recreation and other fun thigs to do in Portland and also hiking the famous blue mountain.

Kingston Jamaica

Kingston is home to half of Jamaica’s 2.7 million people. It is a growing metropolis surrounded by mountains in the north and coastline to the south. Kingston is filled with plenty of things to do like visiting historic landmarks to shopping, visiting museums and nightlife.

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